Here's what our clients say:

May 31, 2018

Dear Ecko,

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in selling our home. We are extremely pleased with the entire process; from our first meeting, to listing the house, to scheduling showings, to the negotiations and finally closing the deal. We appreciated you going through all of the paperwork line by line and ensuring that we understood everything before making a final decision.

Knowing that you have many years of experience and thoroughly understand the real estate market put us at ease and we truly felt that you were continuously looking out for our best interests. We thank you for always being available to answer our questions promptly. Both you and your team of agents and administrative support staff team were very professional and helpful.

We would definitely recommend you to our friends, family and colleagues and we know that they will receive the same exceptional service.

Kindest regards,
Annie & Steve

April 24, 2018

Now that the “SOLD” sign is out on the front yard for more than a week I felt that I have never thanked you enough what you did for us. Starting with your first visit when you so clearly outlined to us what we should expect, honestly describing the difficulties we will have to face, and suggesting what we should do. All these turned out as you told us, and having been prepared the difficulties were not as difficult as expected. Thanks to you for that.

We greatly benefited from your thorough knowledge of the market in our district, not only in what to expect, but also how to market. We thank you for that. We also have to thank you for obtaining for our house the maximum price under the present market conditions.

Lastly, we thank you for your honesty and good humor.

Ivan Lieszkowszky

April 13, 2018

We found Ecko Jay and his team to be knowledgeable and extremely courteous and professional in our dealings with them. They worked very hard to secure an acceptable price for our house in a down market. We would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to others.

Keith and Joyce Nauman

June 26, 2018

Dear Ecko,

We would like to thank you once again for all your hard work in selling our home. Your high standards, your market insight and your determination to sell were what really made it all come together.

When we drove by our old neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and saw all the “For Sale” signs still standing on many neighbouring houses, we were reminded of how truly lucky we were to have had you on our side in this tough market. We had to make some tough decisions in an unpredictable market and you were nothing but patient and accommodating. We really appreciate those qualities and looking back we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Thank you and your amazing team for a job well done. We look forward to working with you again and again!

Farzana & Zubair

June 5, 2018

Hi Ecko,

It was indeed fun! The other day Annie and I were talking about your witty sense of humour and how it helped to keep us calm

Both of our families are pleasantly surprised on how everything worked out well for us (and so quickly) - all thanks to a great realtor!

Will keep in touch!

Steve Babic

January 25, 2018

Hi Ecko,

I’m sorry I didn’t get to thank you in person for your commitment and support with the sale of our home.

You have been so supportive to our needs and also provided important counsel in a very dynamic real estate market.

Please feel free to approach Maureen and me for any referrals or testimonials.

You and your team are the best!

Christopher Sherwood

April 5, 2018

Selling one’s home is a sad experience, full of negative emotions, but the Ecko Jay team made it acceptable through kindness and understanding.

At Ecko Jay EXCELLENCE is the norm and I am grateful to all and each of you for your efforts.

Thank you so much,

Hello Ecko,

We wanted to thank you and your team for the amazing work you did regarding our purchase and sale this spring. We had become familiar with Ecko Jay Realty from your “sold” signs around the neighborhood and the flyers in our mailbox that listed the history of your record-breaking sales. Not only did we want top dollar for our current home, we also wanted to win the purchase for our new home. As soon as we were ready, we only called one person - and that was Ecko - and we are glad that we did. You and your team were amazing, professional and respectful. Your experience and understanding of the market, along with your knowledge of the Don Mills neighborhood made our purchase and sale a huge success. Thank you for everything!

Dale & Carlos

December 21, 2017

To whom it may concern,

Ecko Jay helped us sell our house at 95 Denlow Blvd., Toronto.

We recommend him very highly as he worked very hard to get us the best possible outcome.

It was a very unusual declining market and Ecko helped us through this procedure with professionalism, kindness and understanding.

Ecko answered our phone calls promptly and addressed our questions and concerns and kept us informed after each open house and showing.

After he and his staff marketed the house we obtained a very good result that met all our needs.

He explained each offer and clause to us so we could understand what our options were and make the appropriate adjustments when needed.

Thank you Ecko
Karen and David Cohen


We want to thank you so much for yesterday! As I said before you always had our best interests at heart and ultimately sold with a bang! We appreciate you and your team’s hard work! I don’t think we would have done so well if we didn’t enlist you to sell our home. Another record price for our street! Thanks again! And go skiing! You deserve it!

Diana and Peter

The Ecko Jay team experience for us was an awesome combination of human empathy, friendly service, integrity and total professionalism. Everyone on the team clearly knew what they were doing and were super nice while they were doing it. We were selling my parents house at the peak of the sellers’ market in early 2017 and I was struck by the professionalism and competence of the Ecko Jay team compared to all the other agents we encountered. I cannot imagine listing with anyone else other than Ecko Jay in today’s challenging market.

Best regards
Ian MacLeod

December 20, 2017

That is fantastic, Ecko. Heck, you are getting a bottle of good scotch and a gleaming letter.

We want to thank you and your amazing staff for being the best! You have a very special team there. The mutual respect that you all have for each other is not only rare these days, but so wonderful to have worked with. Covet those gals. I love you all!

We can’t thank you enough for your diligence and grace. This was a such a crazy ride for us all.

I am about to be picked up by the agent here to view homes. I was worried that it was going to be a waste of time.


Maureen and Chris

Hi Ecko,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your advice and guidance over the past few weeks. Since I only dip into the housing market once every 60 years or so I, personally, relied heavily on your advice and expertise. You did not disappoint me and stepped up to the plate with every questions or query that we had regarding the sale of 9 Tangmere Road.

It has been a very busy 3-3 1/2 weeks and we are happy with the results of everyone’s efforts. So happy I did not list the house a year ago as we had planned… delighted to hear that we may have dodged a bullet later this month.

Last, but not least, happy to have the extra couple of months to enjoy our beautiful home as we prepare for condo living.

You and your staff are outstanding and we would certainly recommend you to others in the neighbourhood.

Thank you very much.

I remain… sincerely,
Shirley Shelby

Dear Ecko,

I just wanted to say thank you to both you and your staff for the help and service that you provided to my parents when selling their house. Your longstanding presence in our community made it an easy choice when it came time to select a realtor. As you know it was a challenging time for them, selling the house that they had occupied for the past 50 years, the house they had raised their family in. You understood this most clearly and you treated my parents as if they were your own family, looking after their interests, allaying their fears about the process, but most of all providing the quiet understanding they needed to open this new chapter in their life. You not only helped them, but you helped me help them as well, and I wanted to make sure that you know how grateful I am for everything.

Thank you again.


Dear Ecko,

We would like to take a moment to extend to you, Alyssa and your team our appreciation for your excellent job in selling our house.

Bases on the great past experience, we knew that your real estate firm will help us get the best price for our property.

Your guidance, advice, frequent communication, and professionalism, made the sale process so much easier for us. We were so pleased that every e-mail, to answer our questions or calm our concerns, was returned so quickly.

Your 30 years experience in the field was obvious during this process. It helped us understand the market, and stay realistic in our expectations.

We would certainly recommend your services to anyone that is interested in buying or selling a home.

As we told you in the past Ecko, you are much more than our agent, you are a friend to us.

Mileva and Mato

Hi Ecko and team,

Thanks so much for a smooth transaction.

It is your professional team that makes this happen. Much appreciated.

All my friends now know about you, Ecko. Good job.

David Tang

August 24, 2017

Hi Ecko,

A few words quickly:

Great team - very responsive, highly professional. Specific personnel for a range of services - interior design, house specifications and feature writing, administration staff.

Highly knowledgeable of area and international connections, strong knowledge of dealing with international buyers.

Very high integrity - you walked through our house with lots of excellent advice and suggestions on prepping the house for maximum sales value, highly responsive to our enquiries and follow-up, highly experienced in running multiple offer situations.

Take care,

Best regards,
Lesley & Harry Teitelbaum

August 21, 2017


I wanted to write you and your team a short note to thank you for managing the sale of our house.

You have built a well-oiled, efficient team that really took a lot of the stress out of this transaction for us.

Selling a house, in our case after 47 years, is not a task we really understood.

When I was thinking about what I wanted in a listing agent, I did not realize all the things you and your team would do for us. The first was finding us a place to go, but more importantly it was coordinating and communicating the open houses, organizing the house, and even after the sale meeting with the purchaser or their contractors for site inspections.

We really felt that we were dealing with a team that knew what they were doing - especially with the little things that could have added lots of stress to the process.

It also was great that you negotiated us a great price for the house and we appreciate your expertise in the closing process.

And lastly, please give a big thank you to the girls in the office. They are always available and supportive when we reached out to them.

You have a great team!!!!

Scott Cameron

Aug 3, 2017

I used Ecko, who owns the company, to sell our house. For many years he has been the #1 agent for sales in Don Mills and I initially met him at an open house.

After considering listing the house, we set up a meeting at the house to get his ideas about how he would market and conduct the sale. I quite like him and he is very savvy with understanding the market. He was pushing us to prep our house as soon as possible as he could sense a change coming in the market.

The moment I was most impressed was offer night and how he negotiated and handled the offers. Ana was impressed too with how he handled the prospective buyers. Anyway, all said and done, we were pleased with him plus his whole team that helped us prepare the house and conduct the paperwork.

Let me know if you’d like his contact info or want any further info.


Hello to you all, Jeny, Seema, Defne, Alyssa, Hoss,

You are the TEAM.

Some of you we never met; however we feel we have known you forever.

Your professionalism, quick response to all our questions and friendliness is second to none.

You make the process of selling houses easy and smooth. Ecko must be proud to have you as his team.

He is a fantastic broker and negotiator surrounded by a fantastic team.

Because of this his system always works!

Once again, many thanks,
Roxana & Lucian Gruescu

May 27, 2017

Dear Ecko,

We wanted to express our sincere appreciation to you and your team for helping us sell our house at 202 Banbury Road. From the initial consultation to the staging and photography phase, through to marketing strategy and execution, we were impressed with the professionalism and expert advice you and your team provided.

We were especially impressed with your expertise and experience, which proved invaluable for the sale of our house.

Market conditions were changing rapidly and you were able to quickly adjust the marketing and negotiating strategy to ensure the best outcome for us.

We got everything we wanted and more!

So, once again, thank you.

Yours truly,
Yun Mei and Keith

April 3, 2017

Dear Ecko Jay and Team,

We would like to thank you so much for a job well done. You helped to make an anxious and stressful life event much easier. Your communication and reassurance were greatly appreciated and everyone on the team is highly skilled and professional. We have no regrets deciding to hire Ecko Jay and are really pleased with the outcome. We would recommend Ecko Jay to others without hesitation.

James and Ana

Feb 27, 2017

Hello Ecko Jay,

On behalf of Dave and I, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your tremendous service.

Your staff is a pleasure to work with. They made the entire selling experience very easy on us. Between the ladies in your office who were in touch with us during the whole process to the agents who came to the house to help us with many of the other aspects of selling a house.

Their service removed all possible anxiety and made the whole process very easy.

As well the contacts your company had for us to work with including house staging were very professional and easy to work with.

Lastly, I want to thank you personally for the fantastic job you yourself did on the final night with you heading the pricing negotiations. Your professionalism and negotiation skills made the evening go very quickly and painlessly. We were extremely pleased with the result.

Please feel free to have any potential clients reach out to us directly should they wish to get a reference from a very satisfied customer.

My best wishes to you and your staff.
Marilyn and Dave

February 23, 2017

All of us (Mary, Gerald, Denise, Hal) were very pleased with the whole selling experience with Ecko Jay Realty. From the day we first met Ecko we were impressed with this professionalism, knowledge of the market, and obviously of the results he had been getting for his clients. The entire staff was a help in so many ways. From helping Denise quickly find her condo (thanks Mitra), to connecting us with Cory and especially Kristina (fabulous job staging the house as well as managing the renovations through Liston and others), and the support through the loss of Mary’s mother.

Ecko, your entire team was fabulous throughout the whole process, we couldn’t have been happier. And the end result was a very good price for our property. We will recommend you to any of our friends looking to buy or sell in future. Denise should be looking to purchase a condo once her lease runs down.

Thanks again for everything,
Hal Donly

Hi Ecko,

We researched our area for Realtor options in the Don Mills area when we decided to sell our home of 31 years. After considering a number of realtors we chose Ecko Jay Realty.

We were very impressed with what Ecko said they would do to get the best selling price for our home and they delivered throughout the entire selling process.

We really liked the Ecko Jay Team. They were always there when we had questions and assisted us with all the little things to get our home ready for the sale.

We were also very impressed with the negotiation skills of the team when it came down to closing the sale.

Thank you Ecko Jay team for everything you did to make this journey both a personal and professional experience.

John & Linda Rorabeck

Sept 23, 2017

Hi Ecko:

Diane and I hope that you and your family are well.

We have fond memories of the time that we spent with you. Who knew that selling a house could be fun?

We have been very fortunate in finding a house that we love and if you ever have occasion to be in or near Burlington we would love it if you would drop by.

You were very kind last year in also supporting the Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir with a charitable donation.

Your donation was a great help in meeting our expenses which include keeping our superb music director and talented accompanist on the payroll.

As a result, we were invited to be the featured choir at the North American Festival of Wales in Rochester, New York on the first weekend of September. It keeps people visiting our website and seeing your logo there.

With warm personal regards,
Ray and Diane

Thanks Ecko, you were so helpful in a trying time, and we were fortunate to hit the market at the right time. I hope the new owners are happy in Stella’s house. It was good to her for 50 years.

Hal & Mary

Why We Chose Ecko Jay to Sell Our Home

To put it simply, because he is a mensch.

Let me explain.

Many years ago, when our son was younger, he was very interested in anything to do with interior design and architecture.  We began visiting open houses in our area when he was about 13 years old.  We met many real estate agents over the years.  We were always very honest and told them we had no intention of buying anything.  Some of them were indifferent, some were cold and some were downright rude.  And then one day we met Ecko. What a breath of fresh air! He welcomed us warmly and engaged us in conversation. He was genuinely interested in my sons thoughts.  He sparked Michael’s passion and encouraged him to follow his dreams. I told him that day that when I sell my house, I will use him as my agent.  And we kept our word.

Since then, our son has gone on to obtain a Bachelors degree in Interior design and is now  completing his  double masters degree in architecture and landscape architecture.  

Ecko sold both our parents homes and,  just recently,  our house.  He handled the sales with his usual finesse - a mixture of kindness and experience that generates total trust.  

A mensh is a Jewish word that is not easy to translate but basically it is this - a person of integrity and honour, someone  with character, rectitude and dignity, someone  with a  sense of what is right. That is Ecko.

Roslyn Shafir and Steven Ockrant, 2015

Dear Ecko and team,

“Thank you Ecko for providing us with your wealth of knowledge in establishing a go-to-market strategy and selling our home in just a few days! "

You always maintained your professionalism and you were respectful of our efforts.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication and guidance through the negotiating process and being successful in getting over asking for us.

Ecko you are a true professional. Wishing you continued success.

Cheers to you and your amazing team!

Sally and John,  2015

Ecko Jay was by far the best agent we have ever worked with. He surpassed our expectations and we were delighted with the outcome of the sale of our home. His professionalism, attention to detail, and intelligence were much appreciated as was the excellent support from his courteous and hard working staff. He was a pleasure to work with and we recommend him highly.

Nigel and Diana Dickson, 2015

Dear Ecko:

Just a note to say thank you so very much for the excellent representation you provided us with on the listing and sale of our home (and subsequent purchase of our new home).  Your expertise and eye for detail had us pulling our hair out at times ( I am still experiencing nightmares of decluttering storage units and PODs sitting on the driveway) but your eye for detail made our house a landmark in that it was the first on our street to sell for over $1M!  The fact that we ended up with 13 offers and a sale price of $1,250,000 (a full $256,000 over asking) was just icing on the cake. It definitely took the edge off losing our 60-inch television during the negotiations!!

We would also like to take the time to thank two incredible members of your team. Both Jeny Boyanova and Seema Tayeb worked tirelessly to ensure that the listing was to our liking and that we were updated each and every time there was a viewing.  They were both very warm, friendly, professional and knowledgeable and are indeed a credit to your company.

We would have no hesitation referring you and your team to any of our family or friends!


Paul and Debbie Nemethy, 2015


Thank you Ecko,

For your patience, advice, knowledge and guiding us through the process of selling the house. It was interesting watching you handle all the offers. Your sense of humour was a great asset. Congratulations on getting a good price for the house. Our parents would be very pleased that their investment was sold at 101+% of its original price!

Thank you to Mitra and the rest of your staff for helping us with the sale.

Enjoy this very busy long weekend

Donna Shen, 2015

And a big thank you from me as well Ecko.

It was a real pleasure to work with you again. We knew you would get the job done and we knew you would do it in a highly professional, respectful and courteous way - while finding time for a little fun along the way!

As always you exceeded our expectations - and smashed the record on the street!!

A sincere thank you for helping turn Jamela's years of hard work into financial security for her future years.

Very best wishes

Dean Herd, 2015

ps: don't retire any time soon - there's a house on Overbank we would love you to sell .... :)

Dear Ecko,

Our shared endeavour, the selling of 47 Valentine, has gone even better, both financially and procedurally, than we hoped for.  This was all thanks to your skills as a wily realtor and as an empathic human being.  Mention must also be made of the courtesy and efficiency of your staff, especially Mitra, Jeny, and Seema.  Christina, too, displayed a fine aesthetic sense in the staging and incredible energy in making it happen.

I must add that we really enjoyed talking with you about our  mutual love of books and we thank you for your recommendations.

Naomi and Stan Freeman, 2015


Hi Ecko,

My mom would like you to know that she was extremely pleased with the way you represented her in this purchase.

She thought you were very professional and skilled at what you do, so BIG thank you !!

Dean and I are also very happy with the outcome. We knew you would get the job done, and done well!!

Many thanks again Ecko.

Tas Baksh, 2015

Well what you have said here, has made me cry..... Thank you for your kind and "sincere" words that you have written.

I agree with the calming and serenity feel to the house - as my parents made it that way. They were proud homeowners and liked to decorate with beautiful things. The inside was cared for, and also the out ... It was always a welcome feeling to be with my parents there, I loved coming back to be with them (despite the fact that I have my own place, their home was my home).

We were raised in such a warm and loving home. I have a feeling that this young couple will appreciate  the home and take care of It - from what Christine said, they  definitely responded with excitement and surprise that they made the best offer and got it !!

I am extremely grateful that you were able to do this deal for our parents Ecko. Our parents chose the BEST Realtor and your "true" colours and expertise came through with your professionalism last night!!  You have a passion in your  realtor technique , but  also your warm heart is felt for your clients.

We look forward to working with you over the next few months...........

Kristen Wilby, 2015

Hi Ecko,

It sure was hard closing that door for the last time. I personally had 40 years of wonderful memories (ok some I can't remember) in that house.  

I hope the new owners will be as happy. The place looks great and ready to move right in. For me, again, you and your office handled the whole thing beautifully. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with and your office staff was great - friendly, attentive and always willing to help.

All the best,

Until next time,

Lari-Ann Convery, 2015

Dear Ecko Jay,  

Right now, I just want to thank you and your team for guiding us and presenting our late father's property so well.  We made the right choice, choosing you as listing agent, very professional, friendly, and straightforward. even though a complete expert on angles.

I will write a testimonial,  after closing, when the done deal is over!  Right now, I am breathing better, with a firm offer, no conditions!  Congrats to you, too! 

Cheers, Jane Shen, 2015

Good morning Ecko,

Thank you again for all you did for us, for your guidance and for your determination do sell well our beloved home. Grazie, grazie!

With appreciation we send you our warmest regards.

 Sergio and Marisa Bergagnini, 2015

After living in our home for almost 35 years my husband and I decided to downsize. This was understandably a huge change for us. As Ecko has been successful for getting higher prices than ever seen before in our neighbourhood, we chose him as the logical realtor. Ecko was nothing but professional and has a fantastic operation which runs like a well oiled machine from the photographer to the admin office staff. Planning happened as he said it would and he had a fantastic way of dealing with some difficult people .

His professionalism is unequivocally a testament to his success.

I would highly recommend him as someone who is trustworthy and I have already recommended him to a neighbour on our street.

Cathy and David Snowden, 2015

Good morning,

Many thanks to all the staff at Ecko Jay Realty for making this experience as smooth and pleasant as possible, and of course for the outstanding results.

Our sincere thanks!

Naida Bastedo , 2015

Hi Ecko,

Thanks for your email.

We're pleased that we chose you and very happy with your services!!

Will definitely have you over at our new house.

Will recommend you without hesitation.

Thank you.

Afsaneh, 2015

On behalf of our parents, Irene, myself, and Gus we wish to thank you and your associates for your exceptional hard work in selling our parent's home.

Thank you again.

Mary Sideris, 2015


Dear Sponsor,

We would like to thank you for your generous donation at our Rippleton BBQ & Family Fair event on June 13, 2015.

We had a beautiful sunny day with warm weather and dry skies. Over 600 adults and children from our neighborhood attended the event and enjoyed your donation.

Your product was displayed during the event, along with the supplied business material. Your name was mentioned on a Thank You Poster on display throughout the event.

The Silent Auction raised over $3,000 for our school, thanks to sponsors like you. The BBQ event raised over $13,000. These funds will be used on technology, training and school supplies.

We look forward to promoting your business at a future event.

If you need more information about our school and our many social and fundraising events, please contact us at Again, a huge thank you for sponsoring a public school in your community and being an active community supporter.


RAPT (Rippleton Association of Parents and Teachers)

Rippleton Public School

21 Rippleton Road

Toronto, Ontario, M3B1H4

June 2015

We want to express our thanks to you for the wonderful experience we had working with you (and your team) to sell our home.  We put so very much into building this house and, throughout the journey with you, you expressed to us so much respect and appreciation of our efforts, at the same time always giving us the utmost wise and  candid advice and guidance. We thank you sincerely from our hearts for matching us with the right buyer, people who we know will be truly happy here. You have demonstrated a level of professionalism head and shoulders above any of our past dealings in real estate.  The whole experience was so smoothly and masterfully executed. You and your team did an absolutely wonderful job for us.

- Ernie and Patsy,  2014 

Your team approach is uncompromising and second to none.  Knowing that everyone in the office was familiar with our property made corresponding with your office stress free and pleasurable as questions would get answered immediately.  Your overall knowledge base and expertise instilled confidence and comfort knowing that you had complete control of the process from beginning to end. We made the right decision entrusting you in selling our home and looking beyond friends and family that are also agents.  We thank you sincerely and hope that future sellers and buyers make the right decision when looking for an agent.

- Michalopoulos Family,  2014

Wanted to thank and congratulate you and your team for the high level of support and leadership that you provided throughout the process… We chose Ecko Jay Realty based on reputation in the neighborhood, and because of the very professional sales strategy that you put together. Throughout the process you and your people set a very high standard with respect to property preparation, market coverage and salesmanship. The final sale price was well above our target, as a result. Your team was consistently helpful and courteous throughout, which was greatly appreciated. From my point of view, your sales approach was right on the mark: very focused, with a clear goal in mind. You set a high standard, and lived up to every promise. We enjoyed working with your organization, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone in the area. Thanks again, and all the best.

- Christopher G Mackie P.Eng.,  2014 

 "YOU THE MAN!!!" Wow! Did you ever deliver! What a negotiator! You added another triumph to your remarkable track record, not only by achieving the sale of our property in one week, but by getting more than the asking price in the bargain! Thank you Ecko! Do you also sell cottages? We have a beauty for you.

- Marvene and Gordon Miller, 2014 

Having lived in the Don Mills area for 30+ years we have seen many Ecko Jay for sale/sold signs and received his success cards through the mail on a regular basis. His advice on pricing and timing proved excellent and we sold the house within one week. We had 11 offers and sold the house for 30% over asking! Needless to say we were thrilled. The house closed as expected and we've moved on to the next chapter in our lives. We would highly recommend Ecko Jay and his team! They listen, keep you updated and work for you. 
- Ian & Kay Roberts, 2014 

I was very impressed with your exceptional results. I commend you and your very efficient team on your excellent coordination of staging, listing, marketing and eventual sale of my Don Mills home. Without hesitation, I will recommend your services to others

- Magdi Barsoum,  2014 

Ecko is the consummate real estate professional.  Bolstered with 28 years of continued success and a strong ego which told us that he absolutely would get our house sold and for the right price, he did just that. We owe you a big debt of gratitude, Ecko.

- Mark and Nancy Bowden,  2014 

Making the decision of selecting which real estate agent to sell my property and how to prepare it for sale seemed to be very challenging. Not only did you make it so easy and stress free throughout the process but my property had 13 offers and was sold for 18% over asking price. Saying you are the SOLE agent out of all real estate agents in Toronto who could perform this phenomenon would not be an exaggeration. You have stood out from all the others with your outright professionalism, thoroughness to every aspect, and methodical plan layout with contingency. You have taken your time and patience to explicitly explain to me how my property should be prepared prior to its showing, what asking price I should select and most importantly how to execute the transaction successfully and strategically. I appreciate the fact that both you and your team have worked diligently and courteously to follow through your plan in order to optimise the exposure of my listing promptly.

- Felicia Kwan,  2014 

Our experience with Ecko Jay Realty Inc was very positive.  From the first contact, during which Mr. Jay advised us on preparing our house for sale, through keeping us informed on appointments to the final sale, your company managed the whole transaction in a very professional manner. My wife and I were more than satisfied with the manner in which you conducted yourselves and would recommend you as a real estate agent.

- David and Liisa Wise,  2014  

Working with Ecko made a very stressful situation almost a pleasure. My house went from listed to sold in less than two weeks. He and his staff were very efficient, always pleasant and right on top of things. Thanks  Ecko.

- Carole Rice,  2014 

Since you sold my Toronto house last year I have sold and purchased other properties in the Town of Georgina, Ontario. Thank you for your help in selling my Toronto property, and if you ever move to Georgina, I will use you to sell my current house when that day comes. In the meantime I just sit back and wonder why local agents don’t embrace the method of selling that you use, because the market demand seems to be as strong up here as it is in Toronto.

- Brian Goddard, 2014 

 Thank you for your professional approach Ecko. You always take the high road and it is that quality that we appreciate in you. 
- Peter Zurawel, 2014 

Ecko Jay’s patience, expertise, thoughtfulness, professionalism and attention to details made the sale of my house smooth and stressless. His team was simply wonderful to deal with. I highly recommend him to anyone who is not looking for “just another real estate agent”

Robert William Robb 

Your professionalism and dedication throughout the whole process was greatly appreciated. After our first meeting, you had a plan of action and explained all that was to happen in the ensuring days ... I’m happy to say you were right on!!!!!

Kelly Cross 

You came through against all odds and delivered on what others believed impossible regarding pricing and sales of homes in our area. Your hustle and negotiating skills proved them wrong! Thank you for supporting our believes, listening to our concerns and making us feel like your No. 1 priority.

Tangie Hinds 

Right from the start, I noticed a difference from other agents, and was surprised at the active role that Ecko took. His hard work paid off. I will definitely be using Ecko Jay again, as he is the most thorough and hard working agent that I have ever met. Most importantly, he got the job done, and fast!

Sharon Dunn 

You stood out in a field of others and we knew were in good hands. You showed attention to detail, efficiency and absolute professionalism. Your negotiating skills proved to be simply amazing and we were more than pleased with the results.

Susan Talacko and Jim Higgins   

Your very professionalism and courteous manner carried us smoothly through this emotionally charged process. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the “Ecko Experience”.

The Wongs   

We are exceptionally pleased that we chose to work with Ecko Jay Realty. The professionalism, hard work and attention to detail shown throughout the process of buying and selling has helped us through what is always a stressful experience.

Dean, Tas and Kyra   

Your strategy for selling my mother’s house was right on target. You listed the house higher than competing agents suggested, and we still got eight offers all above asking price.

Will Armstrong  

As you probably remember we actually wrote you a testimonial BEFORE the sale of the house –we were that confident that you would secure us a great deal. We wrote that letter because we wanted you to know that the professionalism of your company –the people and the service you provide- was just as important to us as any final price.

Dean Herd and Tasleema Baksh  

Ecko Jay is an excellent real estate agent. He went beyond the call of duty, he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Ecko was able to sell my condo for a substantial amount more than the asking price and set a record for one-bedroom condos in my building. He also had the opportunity to demonstrate his honesty and integrity in handling the purchase of my new home.

Catherine Latchman   

It is easy to see why you have such an excellent reputation in this area. Your advice regarding the best time to sell, the asking price and your marketing strategy were entirely accurate and effective.

Patricia Howe  

What made the process enjoyable is your sense of humour, optimism, conviction that the price was right, that a buyer who needed just what my property had to offer would come along. You conduct your business in the same manner you present yourself –with class, elegance, confidence and professionalism.

Velta Zichmanis   

When we decided to sell our house, we knew we had only one call to make – that was to Ecko Jay. In our case, your reputation for integrity and market knowledge preceded you as we have known a number of very satisfied people whose properties you have sold.

Gordon & Elise Field   

I have never been so impressed by someone’s balance of professionalism, knowledge, efficiency, kindness, tact, negotiating skills and so much more. You really have the whole package Ecko. Thanks!

Karen Morton   

I know no other agent can compare with your outstanding track record in the neighbourhood, but I chose to deal with you because you made me feel comfortable. As you know, my life is in a state of upheaval and I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind you have given me.”

Michelle Perera   

This is the fourth transaction that we’ve dealt with you and once again, you proved that you deserved our trust and confidence.

Jennifer Zhaq   

You somehow managed to turn what should have been a stressful time into a smooth running, professionally orchestrated series of events that were – odd to say – even fun at times. I’d be happy to confirm what excellent, professional, courteous service, advice and guidance we received.

Peter Staadecker   

For many months, we spotted your bench advertisements with the slogan “Area Specialists”. To us, this claim was often validated around our neighbourhood by numerous ECKO JAY “FOR SALE” signs, which were quickly changed to “SOLD”. From the listing of our house to the finalization of the sale, you and your staff provided excellent, friendly and professional service with the highest of integrity.

Ron and Louisa Chinn

Your positive attitude and friendly demeanour guided us through a very emotional time since we had spent most of our lives and raised our family in this home.

Sandra and Nezil Cililers  

Your knowledge of our immediate neighbourhood and the surrounding areas (C12 and C13) was pivotal in setting the right price and strategy. Your recommendations regarding preparing our home for sale were excellent and helped make our house shine for potential buyers. Your counsel and patience provided a basis for us to move forward comfortably and confidently

Larry and Nancy Finnie

There are infrequent instances in life when the reality of the occurrence exceeds expectations. Our recent experience with the professionalism and enthusiasm shown by Ecko Jay in the sale of our home is one of those rare experiences. Ecko Jay ... thank you ... and you deserve and have earned our endorsement.

Tom Kovendi P. Eng  

Choosing You, Ecko, in representing us in this whole process was one of our life’s greatest decisions and success that we, as a couple, is so proud of. You were an excellent negotiator, representing us to the best of our intentions because you believed in the product – our house, having the expertise in the area and the industry.

Maureen Cabrera 

You certainly deserve all the compliments you receive on your job. And one more thing: you treat each client as a very unique case and that puts you ahead other brokers.

Maria and Dmitri